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The 75th draws from a number of era, yet with a 21st century twist. The basic look borrows heavily from the classic 60′s Paramounts, with the seat tube panel bordered by Paramount’s well-earned World championship stripes. The downtube font is shown in our page header. It’s a somewhat updated look that keeps the spirit of the classic era:

Sample Paramount decals

The downtube decals are available in three classic colors: White, Red and Black.

Finish – the full Waterford color palette is available. In addition, we offer three optional theme colors:

  • Candy Red – the iconic color of the 1980′s.
  • Pearl White – Add a glow to your finish.
  • Coppertone – a nod to a classic shade of the Paramount’s Classic Days.
Paramount Headbadge 2013 Every frame receives the classic Paramount headbadge and is numbered in the series – X of 25.