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By now many people following the 75th project have seen a photo or two of the bike we affectionately call Number 1.  It goes to one of our closest customers, Bob F., who will add it to his already extensive collection of Paramounts, Waterfords, and other fine bikes.

Peter DiAntoni shot the frame some weeks back and included in the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation’s Fall magazine issue which you can order from their on-line store. Peter is also editor of Milwaukee-based COG Magazine. He plans a feature on Number 1 in an upcoming issue. BFWMag-201310-Para75th


In the mean time, our friends at Schwinn spirited Number 1 to their Madison headquarters, which sports a nice photo studio with equally nice photographers. They put together some nice work showing Number 1, built up and ready to serve its owner. Click the photo below to visit our Flickr page showing lots of photos from the very start of the project:

Full side view of Number 1 - in the Schwinn Paramount 75th Anniversary  project.

Number 1 made an appearance at the Philly Bike Show as well, where champion road racer turned promoter Jack Simes III shared his story and aspirations at our continuing series of Paramount History Seminars.

Happily, Number 1 is now in the rider’s hands. The weather here in the Midwest has been a bit brisk for Bob’s taste, but I’m sure he’ll be on it as soon as he can.

Stay tuned for photos of more 75th Anniversary Paramounts as we complete them.

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