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The 75th Anniversary Paramount is a custom road bike with a wide range of options – all constructed using a limited edition Paramount lugset specially designed for this project.

The lugset is constructed of stainless steel and is individually crafted for each order.  The styling pays tribute to Marc Muller’s groundbreaking OS lugset design of the 1980′s with side points and long top points.  Cleaner than the ornate 1970′s Nervex lugs, it also includes the Paramount compass points on the top.

Prototype Lower Head Lug.

Prototype Lower Head Lug.

By hand-crafting each lug, each bike will fit the rider’s individual needs.

After fabrication, the head lugs and seat lugs are polished to a mirror finish.

Paramounts are offered in three configurations:

Air – all fully heat treated air-hardening steel, featuring Waterford’s proprietary palette of custom tubes.

Air/Stainless Rear – air hardening main tubes with stainless steel chainstays and seatstays.

Stainless – stainless steel throughout.

All frames are made to measure. We allow for a wide range of design flexibility, not just for sizing but for wheel choice and braze-on options.

Finish – the full Waterford color palette is available. In addition, we offer three optional theme colors:

  • Candy Red – the iconic color of the 1980′s.
  • Pearl White – Add a glow to your finish.
  • Coppertone – a nod to a classic shade of the Paramount’s Classic Days.

Every frame receives the classic Paramount headbadge and is numbered in the series – X of 25.