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Our torches have finally started transforming tubes, lugs and other bits into the first of 25 75th Anniversary Paramounts. The lugs had been fabricated weeks ago (each lugset is individually crafted for each order). Shown below are some of the features of this project bike:

Paramount 75th - raw brazed head lugs. Here are the headlugs brazed up and ready for polish. You can see the nice little side points plus the Paramount compass points in the rear view. On the front, you can see the Nervex flourish on the top and bottom front center of the lug. Click to see a higher res photo.
The seat cluster has side-tack stays with the classic Paramount flat caps. With few minor exceptions, the flat caps have been a Paramount standard going all the way back to 1938. This time we engraved compass points on the flat cap.
The 75th’s will sport our specially created Artisan stainless steel dropouts. They include the Paramount compass points (oriented square on the built-up frame).

Number 1 went to our polisher today. More on this later in the week.

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